Popular sports and games in Dagestan

Фирдаус Алиева

Dagestan State University

Faculty of foreign languages

3 year

In the 1920s in the Republic of Dagestan mass sports: martial arts (freestyle wrestling, Boxing, fencing, judo) and sports (football, volleyball, handball, basketball) began to develop .

In the international arena, Dagestani wrestlers began to participate in the 50s of the twentieth century.

Currently, Dagestan is given priority in four sports disciplines – freestyle wrestling, Boxing, judo and Taekwondo, where we are the leaders in Russia. In the last two decades, Eastern martial arts have been actively developing in the Republic.  In kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Wushu-Sanda, Karate. Our athletes do not know their equals not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders.

In MMA fights , the mixed martial arts the Dagestani fighters are the best in world sports qualifications and ratings.

There are a lot of young people in Dagestan who are engaged in these sports. Many of our sportsmen win medals, cups and are known all over the world.

Sport helps a person to be in good physical shape, and it develops character and willpower.

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